We are Digital Marketing Consultancy Based in Malaysia

We Helped Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants & Trainers Generate 100-200 High Quality Leads Every Month using "Betabiz Marketing System".

Looking For A Highly-Skilled dental Marketing Agency that GUARANTEES 20-30 new patients?

The Best dental marketing agency for dentist & orthodontists.

Aspire Media Marketing Only specializes in Dental Marketing. We help Dental and Ortho clinics get 20-30 New Patients every month using the 'Aspire Method'.

We have worked with Dental Clinics all over North America and know exactly how to Deliver Results Fast for our clients.

Stop wasting time and money on faulty and ineffective marketing campaigns to get new patients. When you sign up with Aspire Media Marketing we Guarantee you will get patients in the First 30 Days or your money back plus $1000 for wasting your time!

Our Philosophy

If you’re not run any advertising, you are missing a huge opportunity to acquire new leads & customers in your area or your country.

"If you stop advertising, it's like you stop your watch to save time" - Henry Ford

Every month there is a consistent volume of people searching for your products or services on Google and Facebook for more information about your industry.


How much peace of mind would you have if you knew every month you’ll have a consistent leads wanted to buy from you? How would an increase in sales every month impact your business?

About Betabiz Media Solutions

Betabiz Media Solutions is a full digital marketing and SEO consultancy based in Malaysia, with 20 years of team experience combined.

We help SME businesses to BE ON GOOGLE PAGE 1, INCREASE ONLINE VISIBILITY and ATTRACT A TON OF CUSTOMERS Using our Betabiz Marketing System.

What We Offer


As for our service, we do one thing... ads. Why we only offer ads?

We believe Ads is the fastest way to grow and automated your business, forget about posting and outreach everyday.

If you want an agency that offers every service online that doesn't bring you in patients instantly, we’re not for you. 

We only focus on what's matter, leads & sales. Likes, shares or followers are not real results.

If you want an agency that within a few days can; set up a targeted ad campaign, write compelling message and generate consitent new leads and clients every month – we’re for you.

We don't offer any of these services...

  • ​Webdesign

  • ​Organic Social Media Management

  • ​PR Service

  • ​Social Media Posting

We Only offer these services That bring YOU RESULTS instantly...

  • ​Promoting your business with highly targeted ads in your city, state or country.

  • ​Generating highly motivated leads using landing pages.

  • ​Converting leads into customers.

  • ​Build a system that turn customers into regular customers.


Betabiz Media partner's software - LevelUp Sales System

All-In-One digital marketing software allows business owners to :

  • Build websites and sales funnels with drag-and-drop

  • Build an email marketing automation to nurture strangers into prospects and build relationship with prospects into paid customers

  • Email Marketing ready-made templates for all different industries

  • Lading page ready-made teamplates for all different industries

  • CRM system to manage your leads, and salespipeline

  • SMS Marketing

  • Reputation Management Tools

  • Collect Payment Online

  • Appointment scheduler

  • 100+ Help Library Video tutorials on teachnical setup & support

  • 1-on-1 Live Chat Support

  • And many more...

Salesable software can now build your business online WITHOUT any tech knowledge require!

You don't need to have different software to manage different software. You only need 1 software that have everything you need to get your business growing.

What if this one software can help you save cost by unsubscribe all the unecessary software that you are currently using? It's like lowering your electricity cost from few thousands to $97 per month.

Our Training

Join our exclusive trainings that our team members created to help business owners, coaches, consultants and trainers generate more leads and more sales into their business.

Trainings That We Covered :

  • ​Social Media Ads

  • Google & Youtube Ads

  • Sales Funnels

  • Offer Creation

  • And More...

Click the button below to find out more about our trainings.

Our Mentoring

Our founder Kamin Choo have a 6 months mentoring program to help coaches, consultants, trainers & business owners build, grow and scale thier business to the next level.

Kamin Choo only open up 10 slots a year for his mentoring program so he can spend more time helping his mentee on a deeper level.

To join the mentoring program, you will need to complete a set of questions and talk to Kamin / his team to see if you are the right candidates to join the mentoring program.

If you are intersted in joining Kamin Choo's Private Mentoring Program, click the button below.

Why Choose Betabiz Media Marketing ?

Stand Out from the Rest

We build a highly converting sales funnels & ads that position your business as the #1 choice for your clients in your industries so that your competitors can't win your clients from you.

No competitors = Peace of mind

Get consistent leads & sales daily

Likes, Shares and Comments dosen't equal to clients.

We use different forms of engagement to bring in new leads & clients. There are few processes that Betabiz Media used to turn leads into paying clients.

Get clients return to your business

Most businesses are missing out on bring their old clients back to their business and get referrals from thier clients.

We have a pre-built templates for you to use to get your clients bring more clients to your business.

Generated NEW 466 Leads over 4 Months & Get 11X Return on investment!

Dr. Terry Chen

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Doctor: Dr. Terry Chen

Story: Dr. Terry is a Chiropractic client of Betabiz Media from Penang, Malaysia. Before he work with us, he told us that clients coming in through his website is not consitent. After that he decided to work with Betabiz Media team and we managed to help him get 11X Return on Investment in 4 months through our Betabiz Media System.

Beauty Centre Client In Singapore -
Generated New 257 Leads in 2 months Total Of 5X Return on investment!

Location: Eclado Singapore

Client: Agnes

Story: Agnes is a owner of Eclado Singapore, she is client of Betabiz Media from Singapore. Before she work with us, her business are doing ok, but she wanted to automate her lead generation. After she worked with Betabiz Media team and we managed to help her get 5X Return on Investment through our Betabiz Media System in 2 months time.

Here are some of OUR students' feedback after attended my trainings

And the results is still going on...

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Free 30-Minute BUSINESS AUDIT Call

My RM 500 Promise!

By the end of this business audit call, you will have a clear blueprint on how you can scale your business with Facebook Ads and Funnels. Talk to Kamin Choo or his team on how to implement Facebook ads and Funnels into your business.

For some reason, if you don't find value in this call and you feel like you wasted your time, we will send you RM 500 for 'time-wasted'.

For a limited time, Kamin Choo and his team will be taking these calls so find a time on the calendar to schedule your call today. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

Our Makreting Team Are Vertified :

"We only collaborate with ambitious businesses and people. Let us handle the marketing for you so you can focus on what you do best."

4262-S Tingkat, 1, Jln Kebun Sultan, Bandar Kota Bharu, 15350 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia

4262-S Tingkat 1, Jalan Kebun Sultan,

15350 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Connect With Us :

Whatsapp : +6011 - 6071 8321


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